About Us

In 1999, Libba Thomas started Wiregrass Designs with a $200 check and operated the business out of the amenities of her home. It was only intended for Libba’s small-scale custom t-shirt business to temporarily enable her to support her son through college. However, Libba's business gained attention, which encouraged her to branch out into the promotional and embroidery worlds. Libba’s business began to flourish so much throughout the years that in 2012, Wiregrass Designs relocated to the downtown area of Glennville and expanded into a boutique, with the help of her daughter-in-law, Lindsay Thomas. At the time, the community of Glennville had an absence of children’s clothing and custom monograming. Libba and Lindsay wanted there to be a place in town for mothers to shop for their children without having to travel out of town. They wanted to provide a space where, when purchasing a gift at Wiregrass Designs, customers could experience a cheerful, long-lasting memory with the recipient of the gift. Today, Wiregrass Designs is a boutique that sells a variety of women’s, men’s, children's, and babies' clothing, as well as jewelry and home decor. Wiregrass Designs is also in the business of embroidery, helping fulfill their customers’ needs for personalization and promotional products to provide organizations with branded products. Over the years, numerous friends, family members, and members of the community have supported Libba with her journey of what Wiregrass Designs is today.